Strange forms appear: one beautiful and aloof, the next one greedy and loud. Others are bureaucratically stubborn, childish, curious, proud and elegant or simply intoxicatingly alive. An exceptional play-with-colors in extraordinary places.

All these characteristics have their "color"; they encounter each other in fighting and quarrels, eagerness, orderliness, desire - and they disappear, as if they were searching for another planet, perhaps a place of humaneness. It's a poetic roundelay in ever-new constellations that pass by the eyes of the spectators like a cheerful, crazy, coarse, tender dream. A play of shapes and colors, inspired by Oskar Schlemmer's Bauhaus aesthetics.

Interactive Procession - Dramatic Scenes - Living Statues

White Dörte Lina Bauer / Lena Kießling Red Anja Müller / Inga Töpperwien Blue Mirjam Hesse / Claudia Sill
Yellow Claudia Friedemann / Kora Tscherning Greenn Marius Kob / Sascha Bufe Black Esther Falk / Laura Oppenhäuser Scenography Ensemble & Sylvia Wanke Director Werner Knoedgen, Lisa Thomas

Idea Sylvia Wanke, Dörte Bauer, Claudia Friedemann, Daniela Gießler, Marius Kob, Yana Novakova, Johanna Pätzold

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